Issue with Newgrounds Punk Portal

2010-05-18 17:47:54 by knonamebass

One could say that I am a music junkie. I like to listen to a lot of music, and Newgrounds is one of the best sites to do it. One of my favorite genres to play and listen to is punk rock. So I checked out the punk portal on Newgrounds and I was sick with what I heard. Somewhere around 80% of the selections were 2:00 minutes of looped tracks off of Punk-o-Matic or even worse, a synth! This is just plain unacceptable. Punk is know as the D.I.Y. genre. D.I.Y. stands for Do It Yourself. Having synthesized punk music is completely contradictory. Punk should be real people playing real instruments, not one man and his computer generator of fast paced beeps and bops. What's even worse is that people applaud "punk artists" who post their "punk music" in the punk portal. It is now my mission to record my band and put it up here to school you bitches in what punk music really is. Just remember the fun little saying: "Robots don't rock." Don't get me wrong I love techno, rave, dub-step, trance, dance, etc. But it shouldn't be in the same portal as punk. The same problem is occurring in the "heavy metal" portal. I wish Newgrounds would make a separate portal for real metal, because when I listen to metal, I like bands that scream, not sing. Then again when I look for metal on Newgrounds I come up with cyber goth, trance-doom metal shit with NO vocals or guitars. Satan would be ashamed! I'll stop my rant here but please, next time you write something that rocks, make sure it's not synthesized!


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2010-05-18 17:55:06

agreed, looking forward to what you offer


2010-05-19 00:19:13

Chugging 3 power chords with the same rhythms and riffs that have remained the same for the last few decades is borderline unacceptable towards music as whole. And screaming is contradictory to music. No, but really, I think your view is rather unforgiving. There isn't a genre, for "synth-rock" so if it fits metal or punk the closest, so be it. Punk-o-Matic songs are disallowed on this site, its just the moderation staff(and the administrators who are able to delete the songs) are severly lacking. As for synths.....I would rather listen to a creative computer generated song with 80% realism (rare on the punk portal I would assume. I wouldnt know) then listen to real but poorly recorded amateur garage band playing a generic I-IV-V riff that I've already heard 1000 times already. I agree, robots don't rock. Comparing electronic music to organic music is like comparing a robot walking to a woman walking. But in the end it's all sound and it shouldnt matter how it's created. This is 2010 man.

knonamebass responds:

i hear what you're saying. i think i was really pissed off because i had just watched the "American Hardcore" documentary that was all about the 80's hardcore scene and i was orgasming over bands like Bad Brains, Minor Threat, etc. However to address your argument: although punk may be all of 3 chords per song, the way they are organized and the lyrics have a big part in the song itself. It doesn't really get boring unless it's like Green Day or something. Metal on the other hand is usually not well accepted, because it does take an open-minded ear. If you were to look at lyrics to metal songs (not the Satanic shit though) the lyrics are more like stories, and not catchy rhyme schemes. This is because with the distorted vocals rhyming really doesn't matter. Screaming or growling vocals is a great way to express the emotion of a song. Anger especially. Sometimes you just have to get up and scream, you know?