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Easter Egg

all of your tankmen flashes have a little short clip that you click on. is there one in here?


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You did a great job. Keep making more!
Back to the Future is like one of my favorite movies loved all the jokes about it!

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tWHYlight tWHYlight

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Thank You

Thank you for finally showing twilight for what it really is. SHIT. very nice artwork by the way.

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The Last Scotsman: Liam The Last Scotsman: Liam

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Loved this. What program do you use to program?

TheGreatKhalem responds:

I use FLS 10: Fruity Loops Studio 10, or FL Studio. But thank you! I'm going to fix it in the future, so expect a better version :D !

Deep-Sea Diving Deep-Sea Diving

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this belongs in the ska portal. it's good ska though!

trabajaba7 responds:

Yeah I suppose it does, but I always thought of this as very loosely ska, because when I think of ska I think of Reel Big Fish and Less Than Jake, and this is nothing like them and I guess I thought it fit more in indie. Genres suck end of story.
Thanks for the compliments though!
3 pig's eyes will keep the day bright,
The Trabajabas

Fishy Fishy

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I just came. this song was amazing, and I loved the transition in the middle. It sounded really nice, and professional. The only weird thing is at like 2:00 minutes when the guitar part freezes up. It might have been an uploading problem or my computer though

trabajaba7 responds:

Thank you very much for the compliments, and I dont know what happens at that part, it seems the problem is fixed if you download it though!